Ensure the longevity of your website with our all-inclusive maintenance package for WordPress and Drupal

We offer to take care of the maintenance of your WordPress and Drupal websites, ensuring that the user experience remains optimal throughout the life of the site. For sites that we do not know, a preliminary audit will be necessary before committing ourselves.

Maintenance is an often neglected but important task in order to avoid security breaches or malfunctions. We offer you to take care of this tedious and time-consuming maintenance.

Our "all-inclusive" offer for the maintenance of your WordPress or Drupal sites includes the installation of sensors to measure the speed of your pages, the uptime and the user satisfaction index. We also perform regular security updates, correct damage caused by certain updates, analyze your monthly traffic statistics with Google Analytics, and improve your SEO.

Our development and systems team performs a quick audit of your site for WordPress or Drupal, adds the site to our list of sites to be updated and checked, and receives alerts from our bots if there are any problems. We perform all updates manually to avoid errors and check the status of the site after each update, correcting any issues.

Every month, we send you a report on the status of your sites, including traffic analysis statistics if you wish. We also monitor your natural referencing with Google Search Console. Our customized rates are adapted to the difficulty of maintaining your sites and are not proportional to the number of sites you have. Contact us for more information.