Our Proof Of Concepts

ThirdBrain is launching several proofs of concept to increase its technicality and/or anticipate future needs.

Project: Troll Shoutout

Idea: use Twitter Apis to measure a sentiment and detect accounts that act in groups or "troll". Eventually the robot will also "shouthout" names on social networks and measure the associated feedback to classify accounts suspected of being automated professional influence accounts or not.

login : test

password : test

As of December 14, 2022, we have analyzed:

3633238 accounts was tested by our robot(s)
13793 trolls was detected on both side
0.38 % of troll's rate for the moment

Project: Third

Idea: to develop a blockchain under PHP with an innovative algorythm within everyone's reach.

http://third.ch (presentation site)

3D avec Three.js