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THIRDBRAINSolving Industrialization needs using Martech


FOR WHO ?from Startup to Big Companies


HOW ?An audit show your weakness, strength and draw a digital strategy at 2,5,10 years


FRUGALwe place Frugal Innovation as a core value




MONETIZEDTrade, Exchange, Make Peace


SCALABLEGrowth readiness


FAST Time to business, live results

Think MARTECHOrchestration of skills is the new model

Martech” isn’t shorthand for “marketing technology.” It’s the intersection of marketing, technology and management that fires the imagination and enables the possible: silos come down, agility increases and customer satisfaction soars.

Be ReadyDigital World needs frugal actions

If you are a startup and needs fast growth, if you are middle size company with classic static IT who can't deliver as you wish, if you are a giant facing bad technology choices, we help.

PeopleUsing interviews, auditing code and buiding team spirit

A project with developers building apps is first a risk management project. We need to know people first, check processes, audit technically what has been done and build a team on top of your team. We are at the intersection of people management, business and IT.

GREAT AMBITIONS WITH RIGHT PATHsFrugal innovation as the engine to move forward

We push what people understand easily. We do simple to solve complex problems. We are convinced that chaos and complexity in one hand needs simplicity on the other hand.

EcoFriendly Protect nature with ecofriendly algorythm

I love Switzerland and what i love in Switzerland it's the nature we can touch everyday, the eagle i can see from my window in the morning, the deers running when i walk with my dog in the forest. What we do, the solutions we provide, the algorythm we build need to economize as much as energy we can. All our(s) action(s) are based with low energy partners or solutions oriented to be sustainable in long term for your business and our planet.

BUSINESS DRIVENBuiding new commercial routes with the ROI as compass

Technology decision are business driven for us. The right technology for the right budget for the right strategy. No big ideoligical choices, just pragmatism as the basis of all decision. Client is ALL. We need clients to make money then serving the client making business is the basic guideline we follow.

Growth & Maturity Build trust

Scalability is the key to build Trust. Serving 1 million client like one client with the same level of service, the same smile. It's our spirit and the spirit we search in the digital strategy we build with you.

JUST FAST Digital World loves ryhtmn. We give the right ryhtmn to your project

We deliver fast, on time, showing to the client where the progress.