crisis ahead

A Big Crisis is coming and you will have the good tools with us

The stock is having a hard time.

Nobody remembers that the Stock was having good times during years and years…now all classic mainstream media are delivering high-speed blog posts about the new crisis coming.

First, don’t be so hard with the stock market, he had given a lot to the richest people on earth. They had enough and now all the other(s) will pay.

Damn…are we becoming a pure shitty communist?

No, it’s like that. It’s every time like that and the world is running like that. No matter of politics, it’s just real life.

The good point is that we really don’t care at ThirdBrain SA about that: our(s) robot(s) are following figures and can work in the bullish or bearish market under violent weather no matter of the economic parameters behind. 

You can’t explain economy. You just follow trend(s) like everybody…and we are all followers except the few big ones who are making the trends ; and they are really really few.

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