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Designing Success: Your Sales, Our Mission

An effective User Experience (UX) and compelling design can lead to increased sales by creating a seamless and enjoyable journey for your customers. By prioritizing intuitive navigation, clear messaging, and aesthetically pleasing visuals, customers can easily find and appreciate your offerings, ultimately encouraging purchasing decisions. Moreover, a good UX and design foster trust and loyalty, turning first-time visitors into repeat customers, thereby improving your sales in the long run.

Crafting systems for superior speed and stability

At Thirdbrain, we take pride in our streamlined development process, delivering high-performing software swiftly. Our solutions are designed for longevity and efficiency, resulting in incredibly low maintenance costs. With expertise in Wordpress and Woocommerce, we build websites that outperform competitors in speed, maintainability, and efficiency.

Maintaining your online operations, day in and day out.

we prioritize your digital security, with an unwavering commitment to safeguarding your online presence and data. Our customer-centric approach ensures we pay undivided attention to your needs, providing dedicated support that's just a call or a click away. Furthermore, our rolling teams operating across different time zones guarantee round-the-clock assistance, ensuring your operations stay uninterrupted, no matter where, no matter when.

Your growth, our commitment

We empower businesses to unlock new revenue streams by mastering the art of digital advertising, harnessing influence, and leveraging social networks effectively. We craft bespoke strategies that align your advertising efforts with your target audience's preferences, enhancing your brand's online influence and fostering a powerful social media presence. With our proven approach, we not only increase visibility but also transform that increased attention into tangible growth in revenue.

Why ThirdBrain?


Boasting a decade of development experience, Thirdbrain has been the go-to digital ally for businesses of all sizes, from budding startups to large corporations.


Emphasizing secrecy and security, Thirdbrain is committed to protecting your sensitive information while creating robust digital solutions that stand up to the evolving threats of the digital landscape.


With a flexible approach and deep industry knowledge, Thirdbrain can adeptly adapt to any business model, fueling growth and boosting sales across diverse sectors.


Leveraging our own experience in successfully promoting and selling the our own products, we possess an intrinsic understanding of business growth through technology, ready to apply this firsthand knowledge to empower your sales strategy.

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How it works


First meet, first insight: gauging your goals and expectations.


We create tailor-made proposals, aligning our expertise with your specific business needs and aspirations.


Our kickoff meeting ensures success through shared understanding and a clear project roadmap.


In the build phase, our experienced developers create tailored, robust digital solutions from your blueprints.


We deliver sustainable software solutions for maximum ROI.

Some work we’d like to show you

Responsive website for a model agency

We are actively involved in facilitating the establishment of an innovative modeling agency that epitomizes sophistication and luxury. Central to this endeavor is the meticulous creation of a design that exudes elegance, refinement, and exclusivity, as brand image and a streamlined aesthetic take center stage. Beyond the realm of design, this visionary agency intends to harness the immense influence of social networks, employing a strategic approach to precisely tag each image and photo they produce, thereby seamlessly integrating the desired luxury brand association directly within the visual compositions. Moreover, alongside the design venture, an ambitious data project unfolds, amplifying the agency's commitment to comprehensive excellence and cutting-edge innovation.

School management system for a technical training institution

With the establishment of this school, our primary objective was to create a customized school management system that digitizes every aspect of daily school operations, bringing together all stakeholders within a unified platform. Our initial focus was to minimize the time spent on administrative tasks, laying the foundation for a more comprehensive data and knowledge management initiative. Our aim was to develop a school management system that streamlines various administrative processes, optimizing efficiency and freeing up valuable time for educators and staff. By embracing digital solutions, we sought to eliminate manual paperwork, automate routine tasks, and enhance overall productivity. Simultaneously, we embarked on a journey towards a more advanced data and knowledge management system. By leveraging the potential of technology, we envisioned a platform that would not only store and organize data efficiently but also enable comprehensive analysis and insights generation.

Energy consumption dashboard for a municipal power grid operator

We contribute to the energy transition by working on the visualization of electricity production data for the city of Yverdon and the forecasting of solar consumption. Our team specializes in the analysis and visualization of complex data to assist our clients in making informed decisions. We firmly believe that technology can play a crucial role in the fight against climate change, and we take pride in applying our expertise to serve this cause. We look forward to continuing our collaboration with the city of Yverdon and other partners to find innovative solutions for sustainable energy production and consumption. The tool is used on a daily basis by the engineers of the city of Yverdon-les-Bains.

E-commerce : integrating Woocommerce with Magento for a mid-size e-commerce actor.

Confidentially, we provide specialized assistance to a mid-size e-commerce company, seamlessly integrating a WordPress-based system into their Magento 2 ecosystem while harnessing the strengths of both solutions. Regardless of whether you already use Magento and/or WordPress with WooCommerce, our approach empowers you to leverage the combined power of these globally renowned platforms, tailored to the needs of mid-size companies, big e-commerce players, and startups with ambitions for future growth.

Those who trust us

What clients say about us?

Thirdbrain SA helped us implementat a meal delivery system and created an interface to manage orders online confirmation via smartphone and billing. They were very responsive and provided us with solutions even before we faced problems. I highly recommend.

Lea Beloin

Project manager at the city of Yverdon-Les-Bains

Since November 2020, Schmidt Genève has entrusted the management and promotion of its blog to ThirdBrain. The results are very good, our blog being already propelled in the first pages of Google.

Henry Martelet

Director Schmidt Geneva at Cuisine & Co Sàrl

ThirdBrain SA supports the Energy Department of the City of Yverdon-les-Bains by aggregating data which makes it possible to monitor the management of renewable energies and anticipating the problem of storage. The team is multidisciplinary and ultra-responsive.

Philippe Gendret

Director of the energy department at Yverdon-les-Bains

ThirdBrain build the entire digital strategy for the ThirdBrainFx project. The objective was to support our B2B client to expand their business thanks to automation. Collaboration in this highly competitve market was the key to successfully onboard more than 60'000 clients after the first 6 months of start of the project.

Tetyana Z.

CEO at ThirdBrain FX

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