A solution to solve the power of gravitation of big brand in IT field : the amazon web service’s case

The Amazon Web Service service is a funny thing. Very hard to configure, there is now a special job for this new IT ecosystem, but they are still attracting mid-size companies or even worse small companies to them.

They are attracting them without any effort to do it: the power of the brand of Amazon is very strong even far away from their initial job which is e-commerce.

A quick tour of alternative(s) solution(s) to Amazon is easy for techs guys who are not lazy,  a lot of small or mid-size hosting companies are doing much better in term of simplicity (i love that), service level agreement, speed,  customer support or only cost.

I have one i am using for 3 years now with servers for trading who are accepting thousand of connections by seconds : Upcloud.and they are damn good.

With a SLA of 100% by contract, their(s) interface(s) are simple and even people with low level in IT will manage easily all the servers.

Costs are impressive : you can start with 10 USD a month a correct configuration for the majority of the needs you can have when you start and you a full server running for you.

And coming from us, you will get a 25 USD free credit engouh to start with a very good server for the first month :

The comparaison between Amazon Web Service, which is a real nightmare with no additionnal values i  personnaly experimented in previous job during 1 year, is very simple : UPCLOUD is only better.

Upcloud vs Amazon Web Service (AWS)
Upcloud vs Amazon Web Service (AWS)

You see that Amazon Web Service is the worst option when you take the time to compare and search a litte bit on the web (you know Google is always your friend too)

You can perhaps needs AWS when you are Coca-Cola and you need to have the same performance , maybe, in Bangkok than in New York. Perhaps in that case, AWS is good but for any other configuration, i don’t see any interest on it.

AWS is HARD to deploy. HARD to maintain, HARD to manage

It’s the perfect solution for agencies who want prisoners and not clients

Then, sorry,if you are searching for cloud hosting, search on google and make a try with Upcloud, you won’t be disappointed and you can start with no fee for one month usng our referal link :