About Audio Ads and Unknown Unknown

Can the audio ads be part of your acquisition mix ?

Innovation in audio ad formats doesn’t come around very often. Until now, just about the only variable has been how long they run with :15s and :30s dominating the audio ad landscape.

Pando launches it recently:

And some blogs are whispering about it :

We know that podcast are a good way to enforce a message to busy people in transport for example. Why not Audio Ads? It’s only a question.

Unknown Unknown : when you don’t know you have a problem and then you can’t fix it….

In business, few surprises are good. When you learn that, for example, a business process error has been preventing customers from completing their orders for over a week, you probably won’t be happy. You’ve just tripped over an “unknown unknown – the ones we don’t know we don’t know.”

Anodot in is blog turn it as an opportunity, let’s grab this piece of advice which is close to pure philosophy finally  :