Bank(s) are just dead

Bank(s) are just dead

It’s something very strange to see how some (big) corporations are so blind. Perhaps because they had a business model based on money stealing without giving them back to the client a real service.

When you were paying only to move your money to a point A to a point B.

Paying for an electronic transfer which now takes some seconds in reality in a good system and without any human intervention between the point A and the point B,  Paying for fake loan transformed on fake money with the bank producing money to borrow you money the bank, doesn’t have, etc..betting on the only behavior of the mass of their(s) client(s) they won’t ask their money at the same moment.

It’s started a long time ago with bankers in Italia and it’s still some hundred years after, it is the same business model running.

This business model had big virtue: keeping your wallet safe and boosting commerce between counties.

Bankers made the world in a good way too.

The only problem that “keeping your wallet safe” is not evidence now. People for Cyprus now that.

The only problem that “boosting the commerce” is not evidence now too.

The underground economy and ghost banking is now superior to the traditional “compliant” banking system.

Then there is no more safety and no more interest in the economy at all in the banking system as we know it.

Banks became useless, only a cost in your invoice for nothing.

When you add new fintech banks,Transferwise and Revolut-like companies, cryptocurrencies exchanged at minimal fees rates in some minutes, you have an open battlefield where banks have nowhere to hide.

They would be an easy target for finantech startup without regulation’s bodies.

Only regulation safe them… for how long?