The CERN is moving away of Facebook Workplace due to privacy concern

(Large part of the text is taken from Slashdot)

CERN, the European Organization for Nuclear Research, is moving away from Facebook Workplace to instead make use of more open-source software packages.

CERN had been making use of Facebook Workplace and in addition to data privacy concerns, they were recently confronted with either paying Facebook or losing administrative rights, no more single sign-on access, and Facebook having access to their internal data. But now they have assembled their own set of software packages to fill the void by abandoning Facebook Workplace.

CERN is now using the Mattermost open-source software for online chat and Discourse for further information exchange. CERN’s IT department is working on filling the gaps further left by getting rid of Facebook Workplace. [CERN has published a post with more details about the move.]ZDNet points out that this latest announcement “ends a nearly four-year trial with Facebook Workplace and means CERN will remove its presence from the platform on January 31, 2020.”

We note that Nestle, the #1 swiss company, is still very proud to give to Facebook all the content of the discussion of theirs employees worlwide. (see

More and more companies in Switzerland are now seing the GAFAS as “spy” for an unique country and begin to see alternatives to all the Gafas tools.

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