We are now just computing live the amount of money brokers are stealing from your pocket

Last week with a capital of 100’000 USD, i paid severals brokers around 3’000 USD to give me back a profit of 300 USD. It’s just a little 1’000 % of commission. Yes, 1’000. Who is willing to give 1000 % of commission to someone in the real life outside broker’s mafia game?

The broker game can't continue anymore. 1000% of commission this week !


I was just adding the amount of spread i was throwing by the window and i landed with this computation.

My biggest account was giving this week 400% of commission….some other 600% …and the best was only giving 5%

Amount of money brokers are picking from your pocket

And we are speaking of WEEKS !!! yes, WEEKS !

Tell me how a business can continue to work stealing money in this scale to its clients?

I was so angry that i decided to compute it live for all our(s) client(s) !


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And you will get exactly the same dashboard i did this night for me….with exactly the computation of the money you sent to your broker using our expert advisor…

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