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Creating a digital market place open for IT projects in Switzerland

During my 18 years of experience in IT fields, both in agencies or companies, both acting as a contractor or using contractors, the first big wall was how to make the call for proposal? or, how can i apply to call for proposal?

In the contractor’s side, there is no list of all IT projects submitted by various institutions, all ideas that require work on IT fields, or a view of a pending project which is just stopped because nobody can do it.

Agencies are just trying to play their network’s game doing cold call, useless meeting to “check if”, and bother their network with events to attract the attention of companies.

Big companies have guidelines to find contractors but the mid-size companies and the small companies have no other choice to take google – the search engine – and randomly begin to search who can do the job.

In Switzerland network is playing a great game and solve many of these problems but when your problem or your need is a bit more complex than a small subject line, things can become harder and you have 80% of chance to take the first contractor you are contacting – this statistics is a real one-.

ThirdBrain SA has a direct value proposition for both parties creating this market place: we know IT by heart and can suggest and interpret correctly the wishes of the companies. In the other hand, we know that it’s becoming more and more difficult for contractors or agencies to find a project and they are spending a lot of time in a pre-sale cycle with a lot of useless meeting.

A true, safe and fast digital market place can tackle the problems of the companies searching for adequate contractors and contractors searching for a good project within companies that fit their own culture.

It’s our value proposition.

At this step, we are asking you what do you think of such project and how do you see it and we gently ask you to fill a little poll where we collect your advice, please click on the link below, it’s a google form. We are collecting anonymously the answer but you are free to let your data if you want or need it.