Do russian spy agencies rely on Bitcoin?

The Russian BBC channel spoke about the fact that russian spy agencies are using #bitcoin [1]  for their underground operations and was using BTC-e as main platform for their exchange. People who know well the crypto-world know that Russia is a “crypto-country” where a lot of actors and companies are acting in the crypto-fields for many different reasons.

The platform BTC-e was at the center of many interrogation from western countries states….one “researcher” said that 70% of the exchange in BTC-e was related to criminal activities..

This cryptocurrencies affairs who link russian agencies with #btc is not new. Some article was focusing around the Ukrainian Separatist movement in the east of Ukraine which were funded by Russia using Crypto.[2]. Ukraine was and is still a big lab of crypto [3] [4] due to the weakness of the fiat currency of the state (UAH) first, and proxies funded by Russia outside any classic banking process.

All this mess around #bitcoin could help us to understand why USA is calling to war against #btc [5] [1]