Thirdbrain's social pack turns your social network audience into customers.

With ThirdBrain's Social Pack, turn your social media audience into loyal customers with targeted and effective content management and distribution strategies.

Increase the visibility of your brand and your products, generate qualified traffic and increase your conversion rate to get concrete results. Let us manage your social networks and leverage our marketing expertise to increase your sales and awareness.

We make sure your brand and products are seen by your potential customers in the most effective way possible. We generate qualified traffic from your social networks to your websites or sales pages.

Our all-inclusive social media marketing offer uses proven techniques in direct selling. Our goal is to generate direct and quantifiable traffic for your sites so that you can turn the reach you have in social networks into leads and customers.

We do not replace the people in your organization who manage your social networks. We are complementary and do not respond directly to your prospects or customers.

We orchestrate the campaign by building comprehensive media plans, adapting content to increase engagement and measuring the impact of actions on an ongoing basis.

Our method is more efficient than traditional community management because it is based on centralizing access to your various networks and on establishing a global distribution plan based on a bank of content relevant to your brand and your products.

Our account manager will enter this schedule under your supervision, then run it. Then, the robot "unrolls" the schedule. The account manager oversees the engagement statistics to adapt the content and find the best days or times for your messages. He can also, under your supervision, create A/B tests to refine the type of image or phrasing to maximize the impact (clicks, engagements, responses, etc.).

The key idea is not to go blindly into social media, but to set up clear indicators of traffic progression to sales pages or data collection, and link this to your direct sales goals.

We offer accurate hourly scheduling with daily reach reports to track the progress of your traffic to your sales pages.