Yes, playing Forex you will lose money and winners don’t become a millionaire

The success rate of classic forex traders using classic broker are low. US-based companies must publish the “number of people who really gain money using Forex” and rates are more than low.

Just check the public communication of FXCM for example 

FXCM public communication - 11 march 2019
FXCM public communication – 11 march 2019

You have 76.88% of retail investor who is losing money for FXCM but it’s the same rate with other brokers, it means that only 23% are winning

It means that only 2 people out 10 makes some money with Forex Brokers Retailers

In this 2 people out 10, they don’t mention it but i can tell you that the winners are among the ones who made the highest deposit.

For example account under 10’000 USD are losing at 90% or even more.

it’s 100% under 100 USD …nearby. Micro-account is only for losers.

Among the winners, what the winners are gaining?

If we believe MyFxbook, for example, you have a lot of people who need to be just millionnaire every day. 

MyFxbook best system

We see that this account is from 141% the worst to 106’000 % (yes !) the best. It’s really impressive.

The problem, I have is that i have never met someone who became rich using Forex.(only).

Sorry…it’s because it never really happened.

Ok..George Soros but Georges Sosos is an investor, not a pure gambler like are the classic Forex “gamers”.

It’s perhaps the time for Forex Market to face its real face.

We can give more chance to win in short-term and it’s where Forex Market can be a good alternative for people who like adrenaline-like activities and this activity is closer to gambling than to finance.

With our company – ThirdBrain SA – we are rising the chance for you to win in Forex market using Robots but we won’t tell you that our(s) robot(s) will gain each time for each account for everyone.

And step(s) by step(s), we are figuring out that the only thing we can do for traders is telling them the truth : you are coming to Forex not to become rich but to have emotion(s).

And emotions we will give you like any entertainment.