Is Retailer Forex Industry a “fake industry” which only aim to cheat theirs clients?

The big question about Forex Retail Industry is: is this industry “a fake industry” producing only fake news, fake tools to rob client’s money?

A large part of the answer is YES.

Since the beginning, the goal of the majority of actors of this industry was only to give clients the tools to push them to lose all their money.

A few moments ago,  I was explaining why Forex b-book games are hurting hard clients. Just check the video at the end of this article to learn a little more about.

With the spread’s war between brokers, the b-book became more and more dangerous then brokers setup mixed system called ‘hybrid system’ where sometimes some of the trades of the clients are sent to the market and sometimes not depending on how the gamer play.

In a few words, b-book became only more complex but the spirit did not change.

Then now ?

Situation is complex finally because in one hand you have the hopes of people that they can become rich putting only 100 USD in a tool with no skills at all and in the other hand companies and people who feed this hopes.

It’s marketing now? what’s wrong?

It’s wrong when orders are not sent in the market (pure which is legal) and when your partner bet on the depth of greed and fears emotions you can feel with the only goal to rob all your money as fast as he can.

100% of the companies in the retail forex market are doing that…no matter where they are located.

yes, it’s not 10%, 50% , 90% or 99% but 100 %.

The broker is your enemy since the first day and your first deposit.

No one in the Forex Retailer Market is on the side of its clients. This broker doesn’t exist yet. When you pick a broker, you need to be prepared to fight against him at any moment.

2 videos about what is b-book and brokers are cheaters.