GDPR is the planned weapon of massive destruction

You know that I had already a very bad idea about the impact of the silly EU decision about data and I already explained why GDPR will be bad for customers.

It’s a simple logic for people looking at the digital age with eyes of professionals.

Lobbyist in the hand of Google and other big ones surely worked hard to push Europeans Dudes to do the reverse they wanted to do, if we think they really wanted that: protect customers data.

We know that Google is the winner of the first month of #GDPR and now the natural alliance with Microsoft, Facebook, Amazon, and Apple will begin to act.

The first consequence of this weapon produced by E.U legislators is to give a more powerful position to the GAFA because they can easily move the boundaries of their own technology to adapt to this law and kill competitors with it.

This 2 articles in the very good give 2 news about the moves around the #GDPR battlefield :

) Facebook release first party pixel for ads web analytics for browsers like Safari :

) Apple ads tracking policy is becoming harder.