How we help you

Thanks to our deep experience on digital processes and huge network, we can help you to solve your(s) business problems and/or enhance your sales capabilities online.

You can come with a need or with an identified problem like for example your IT services which is not working right, the lack of answer time of your customer support or the bad results of your sales online.

It can be also a new project where you need additionnal people to help you to acheive your strategy.

The first contact is a call in French, English, Spanish or even Russian or Ukrainian where we can present ourselves and see what ThirdBrain will bring you and how.

After this call, we give you back a first proposal to act with a detailled plan.

This plan is your plan even if you don’t want to continue with us then you have really nothing to lose , email us at to fix a time to speak.

We are not an agency but a bridge between differents actors of the martech place. We know people and we share informations with them and we present you this people if we think they are the best to work on your case. We create the plan with you and we choose the right way to acheive yours goals under yours constraints.