How to detect scammers in Forex Market ?

I have just spotted classic ads from scammers.

Just see this balance curve :

Fake balance curve of a pure scammer

A scammer in forex market is someone who is only lying to you. 

And you can check easily they are lying by just looking at their equity curve.

This curve is a typically curve with a mass of trades opened without any stop loss setup: it means that the loosing trades are never closed. Every Forex Monkey can do the same thing. I can give it to daugher of 8 years old and she will do the exact same balance curve.

Ha shit….it’s only a test on historical data.

Only test on history data are shown...

Ok then they never did a single profit with a real live account.

Pure and deep shit – just go away

Then a scammer :

1 – Show you only test on historical data : it’s useless. Historical data means nothing.

2 – Have a perfect “line” as “balance curve”: it’s never happening in real life. Never. I am in the forex market since 2011 and i have never seen a strict line with a serious trader. Never. and it will never happen. You can have moment with “strict line” but at one moment you will have a big lose hitting a high stop loss you have. The strategy can work but you need to have a classic “Sawtooth” at least with a next minimum each time higher than the last minimum before.