How to estimate the sales of an competitor using its own website under Magento 2?

A little “economic intelligence hack”.

How to estimate the sales of an competitor using its own website ?

A lot of techies are implemeting, like in Magento 2 for example, an invoice system with a classic table where there is an ID of the invoice.

This ID is , for techie guy, an INT(11) with a primary key and auto increment capabilities.

Then the first sell, will have an invoice with ID 1, the second with ID 2.

The default template gives back the ID for the client.

If i buy in the majority of the e-commerce website, i will have an invoice with the ID X where X is the ID in this table in the default template sent to the client.

One of the message in the Magento 2 forum for developers : (sic)

magento 2 invoice

You follow me ?

If i buy one product in your website the 1st of june for example . I have the ID t

if i buy another product in the same website the 30st of june for example. I have the ID t+30

Doing a simple :

(ID t+30 – ID t)  = i have the number of products you have sold with this website.

If i am in the same sector, same niche i know more or less the average cart then i can estimate your monthly revenue.

If i use a robot based on SELENIUM using the Selenium Python Framework i can build a robot which will automatically buy the product of your competitor during time frame i decide and i will follow your sales automatically and inject them in my own dashboard.

If i follow you on social media, ads, facebook ads etc..  i can link the campaign you are doing with the revenues they are producing then measure the success of the sales campaign themselves with some approximations.

If i know who is leading this campaign because her/his linkedin profile or communication or blog posts is speaking about that, i have a chance to directly perhaps intent to hire this person.

Well, you see that economic intelligence is very easy and if you have to onboard a CTO who don’t know a single stuff about it could be very dangerous for you.

magento 2 invoice