The Trading Laws are complex because trading is simple

Trading is complex because it’s too simple.


Because you need to follow rules, to apply this rules and never stop to apply this rules.

This is behaviour has a name: discipline. It’s something that a lot of people can see as only stupid but the only way to make a profit with your own money trading


No, it’s complex.

Indeed, humans need problems to feel alive and because in Trading you don’t have a problem, you create them.

Fear and greed are sting(s) on your back pushing you the worst decision you can make.

It’s was my own default and it’s why I built the first expert advisor – the robot-: to avoid any problem i would create myself.

I implemented in our(s) robot(s) all the discipline we need to have to let our(s) follower(s) making a profit because I have a clear vision of my own way of managing feelings and my lack of discipline.

It’s why too i had a problem playing with my own money with my own “automated” strategies because my natural inclination would be to change the rules of my robot to fit my bad feelings. I will just start, after 8 years of study, to play now live with my own money using my own strategies while dozens of thousands of other people already made a profit with them during the last(s) year(s).

But like everything in life. discipline can be trained and it’s the first step to trade correctly if you want to trade alone without a robot. I worked on myself 8 years for that and I created thousand of expert advisor, robots, after interviewing numerous successful traders.

Then when I say “complex”, it’s related to what theses simples rules create in your brain. It’s creating a wave of confusion because your only goal of the day will be to see the right pattern, to enter the right lot size – the amount of money you will spend-, to compute the right risk and to wait to exit.

It’s boring. Yes. It is.

Note that The exit pattern is the more important one.

In the next(s) chapter(s), we will enter, step by step, to the meaning of the trading discipline.

To be continued.

Pierre Jean Duvivier.