imitate ants

How imitating Ants can lead to a better delivery service

Ants are making delivery every day. They are the UPS of the insect world. They bring to their home a tons of material to build awesome structure.

And we can imitate them.

Indeed if you have a fleet enough numerous you can simulate first the ant behavior to reach a point with your delivery “actors” and it’s quiete simple.

Ants when they are moving, just put a chimical substance everywhere they pass.

As they are going to a point B and coming back to HOME, Ants are placing everywhere in the route, this molecule. They are producing this substance and just “paint” their route with it.

The density of this molecule will draw the best route.

Indeed if HOME is fix and the point of DELIVERY too, and we states that we have an infinite number of route to go to HOME to DELIVERY, the ants with the faster route will bring more molecule to each steps of this route – more density – because they will pass more often than their friends which will take a longer route.

The one who found the right route will “smell” with a stronger presence of the molecule then you can have 2 indicators after a while :

1 – Following at each step where the density of this molecule is maximum will draw the best route.

2 – The Ants with the stronger smell will be the one which begin to take “the good route”. If other Ants search also Ants with a strong smell they will little by little come to the right route.

This system has also a learning based mechanism that push to a better organization and find the right route..

Ready to be a Ant ?