Libra has all to be a killing machine for the banking traditional system

Facebook helped by major actors of the digital and world economy is launching its own currency called “Libra”.

Everyone is speaking about this major game changer that libra could be.

BTC has a big default which is the lack of trust behind and technical problems that begin to slow down massive adoption.

Libra seems to solve 2 of this defaults : IT power to manager the core servers and trust as it will be pegged on classic financial instrument and supported by big companies who have access to the majority of people in the world.

Then Libra could be the cryptocurrency for massive adoption throwring BTC back to the hidden internet.

But Libra will face intense political pressure because it’s a direct concurrent of fiat currencies.

Creating money is not neutral : it’s a political step that perhaps states helped by big bank won’t allowed.

The future will be exciting to comment on this topic anyway.