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Ndau promises stability with BuoYant

Sometimes when I am reading news about crypto i am feeling weird like i was watching good esoteric movies. Strange names are melting with difficult papers to read, the famous white-paper which every crypto asset needs to publish. It’s like the Latin at school, nobody knows really why you need it but there are still teachers teaching it to 14 years-old students.

And there is a race in crypto: everybody wants to catch the last, super, extra, mega, exotic and sexy crypto.

Ok. Dude. I found one.

Ndau. Not sure how you pronounce it but it’s written Ndau.

You can believe that is the name of a planet in star-wars and Ndau will be at the center of the next skywalker odyssey…you can, by the way you can also watch the trailer

Hum, no…ndau is not at the center of the next star-wars.

But Ndau promises you something that all the coins united did not do by the past: stability.

Indeed like you experimented it, bitcoin and others cryptos have a big problem called volatility.

BTC at the beginning was done to make peer to peer payment. It was the original dream but this dream turn in nightmare when transactions began to be confirmed after a some hours loop …Direct debit with SEPA is better now.

When we speak about ETC (Ethereum Classic) we can expect up to 5’500 confirmations now…and while you are selling or buying something the exchange rates with any fiat currency (USD / EUR) is moving so fast that buying something in real life with it is becoming ridiculous.

Then people began to see BTC, ETC or another crypto asset has a “store value”. Humm…like Gold…yes

The BTC raise to 20’000 USD and the fall after seems to mitigate a little this super optimistic view but there is some kind of religion now behind cryptocurrencies and we know that all is about trust in finance.

Then comes NDAU.

Yes. They promise to raise without falling or a little.

The wallet is already there. You can grab it going here :

Personally, i did not understand how they will do it but i have not a super crypto brain to be able to understand it correctly.

I just pray for that believing that it can be possible. Yeah.

Crypto world is like fashion and it’s really an exciting world for that and the search for the crypto graal continue.