What ThirdBrainFx did during COVID19 Lockdown


I am Pierre Jean Duvivier, Founder of ThirdBrainFx.

It’s a long time we have not spoken together as we decided to stop selling our robot during the pandemic crisis due to liquidity problem we have seen but our(s) robot(s) was still learning from the market.

What they did and how they performed ?

During LockDown, we changed our website and setup a google studio based link to directly compute performances from our robot .

You can go to it by yourself and finally do what i am doing now by going on the page “Statistics” on our website. Just wait before Google Studioe make the connection.

From 1th of March 2020 to 1th of May 2020, half of strategies running made profit (74 / 169 running). 

EURAUD with ThirdBrainFx made 7720 pips !

EURAUD with 007Fx made 4183.4 pips 

USDCAD with OnTheRiver made 4000 pips

More than 28 strategies had more than 1’000 pips done in 3 months.

It’s about a 10% raise for an account of 10’000 USD (able to manage the drawdown linked to this strategies) in 3 months.

All the difficuties is alway to manage correctly the rules to change inside your portfolio the strategy you are running.

ThirdBrainFx is running since 2016 an automated portfolio strategy manager tested by some of you with this goal : be able to manage the portfolio tiself and change the strategies which are losing when they will lose.

After 3 years of test we did not succeed to build a perfect automated portfolio manager for that to be honnest and our(s) result(s) with the automatic portfolio manager are not good compare to human’s based portfolio management of strategies.

Then we decided to stop selling it (first) and to build a complete human’s based course and coaching for strategies management.

It’s what we called the “ThirdbrainFx Trading Floor”.

We are fiishing to produce a tool where you will be able to manage your portfolio of strategies with our own strategies and also good strategies of other providers.

And we will coach you around this strategies management.

We won’t be broker ourselves and we will be working with a broker for live account we are picking now.

The ThirdBrainFx Trading Floor will be composed with a group of some client “student” with a one account manager and the client will have access during all the day to the account manager and manage with her/him its portfolio.

The access to the tool itself to manage strategies and support to open an account will have no charge but the coaching linked will be charged.

Registration are not open for the moment as we are finishing technical aspect of our solution but we won’t start with a lot of student at a time.

If you are interested by such “coaching” around “strategies management” and “portfolio management” with an human help accessible by skype , zoom call or other direct animation to help you to produce the best with your portfolio, just send me an email at pierre.jean.duvivier@thirdbrain.ch

Clicking on this link you will be tagged in our CRM as “potential client interested* and then receive more information about the Trading Floor Concept we are building.

I am personnaly at your disposal, you can email me when you want at pierre.jean.duvivier@thirdbrain.ch or reach me by skype : pierre.jean.duvivier

I will be more than happy to assist you and advice you.

My best regards.

Pierre Jean Duvivier