live account

October 2018 is our best month, live(s) account(s) are still making progress with high stability

The Lausanne portfolio

This month of October 2018, we can see the 4th month in a row with positive result with X112 GBP-JPY portfolio with a live account of 10’000 USD start balance.

It’s the Lausanne portfolio and you can check the result going here :

X112 GBP JPY - October 2018

We earn 1’662.57 USD in 4 months starting with 10’000 USD and keeping a drawdown of 3.5 % max.

Global performance

The account is verified on myfxbook.

The other(s) account(s) are playing also right with others strategies, you can check the whole result with our profile with MyFxBook going here :

The global system started with 130’000 USD is now giving back for 4’500 USD in few months :


All account are positive.

The ThirdBrainFx Robot itself which automatized all aspect of trading picking for you the right trades at the right moment is performing more than good with high stability results: 8 live accounts out 10 using it in live are positive while 60% of the demo account.

If you want to test our(S) robot(s), we strongly advice you to download ThirdBrainFx by going here :

The global result of this 13 portfolios are, for October 2018 :

Lausanne , + 3.22 %Doha, +0.67% Berlin, – 0.16% Palermo, +0.43% Durban, +0.91% Rome, +0.01% Montreal, +1.89% Chicago,+4.37% Munich,+1.36% Madrid,+2.23% Hambourg, +1.95% Tokyo,+3.84% Zurich,+9.45%

12 account among 13 were positive in October 2018 and all are still positive since inception.