September 2019 results for thirdbrainfx are good : +1.9%, +31% in one year

After severals years of research about Forex, we finally found stable results using some of our behaviors.

Since july 2018, we are developing a new robot based on what we have seen during this year composing portfolio and producing robot for Forex.

The goal is not to have a “skyrocket” trading account which crash after some months but a sustainable profit able to produce money during many years.

One of the recent upgrade of our robot is giving back very good result but have only 3 months running with a +13% ROI and a DD maximal of 2.7%.

You can check this result via FxBlue :

We did a +3.2 % during this month of september but this new behavior called ‘X114’ needs now to confirm this good mood during the next(s) months.

The X113 behavior with USDCHF and USDJPY is confirming its good standing with a +1.9% this month.

Starting in august with 10’000 USD (it’s a live account), we are now at 13¹149.92 USD then a good benefit of 3’329.34 USD in a little more of 1 year, a +31% ROI for a maximal drawdown of 10.4%.

Gains from August 2019

We are conducting others tests also with GBP/JPY and X112 behaviors.

The global live test with some beta testers and our money is giving back a 15% a year with a capital of 59’208 CHF now on this tests , and a yearly benefit of 7’800 CHF

The Fees to run this robot are 2% of the capital you are using with a minimum of 200 USD by year. There is no profit sharing as we are now prefering classic wealth management approach.

We prefer to host your trading account and plug directly the expert advisor on it on our(s) server(s) but you can test a bridge to run this robot directly from your computer or your VPS, we give you then an expert advisor to install like a classic one but this method is not the method we recommend due to latencies.

 If you want to run X113 or X114 in your trading account, contact us, you need only a metatrader 4 account in a classic broker.

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