customer care

Yes, Customer Care is the core of your business, i tell you all about my experience with Shopify (french)

I am perhaps a very horrible client but I think I am the 99% of the client online now. I tell you a little story.

Last(s) day(s) I have clients using Shopify then I told my self: ok let’s do a store for pleasure just to see what all this drop shippers are talking about and i decided to train myself dropshipping with few google ads. Yes just for fun but there were professional reasons behind too. I don’t like the business model of Shopify at all, to be honest, but I would like to test why it’s so great and recommend it later …


I subscribed without any problem in the French Beta website, i setup paypal, coinbase commerce (yes i want to take cryptocurrencies, it’s my personal pleasure), and i setup Stripe linked it to my company bank account. Store in CHF, I linked an EUR account but Ok…let’ see after

All this stuff took me around 1 hour to have all running fine with the good code API, the new stripe account (i have another running in USD ) and all seems fine.

I follow the guide and activate channels …OK

And I have an error: something “is wrong”. I don’t like the word “wrong” as a customer because it’s not useful to know that is wrong. Be positive, let’s say ” turn this to go online now” instead of “you are doing something wrong and I don’t care about the reason I give you”.

First reaction: I search inside their documentation, nothing. The search engine is bad and gives back nothing. I am on the second hour of work with Shopify. My Woocommerce website would have been ready for 1 hour now.

I search their damn email for contact: 20 minutes to find it and I have it and I send an email in French to the support because I am on the French side.

No answer for the moment, they send me back an auto-reply 22 hours ago and since, nothing.

Ok i start this morning my third hour in Shopify with no online store running…i don’t have much time to make a test then I start to become nervous and I decide “I don’t care, I close the trial NOW”.

Searching how to close the trial, i am lost. No Way. An easy way…after a search in the forum I finally found and adrenaline just drops when I click on “CLOSE”.

My “test” on Shopify is at its 4th hour and I am a techie guy.

I can set up a Drupal Kickstart e-commerce website in 30 minutes: I made an event on it in Houston 2 years ago, yes….a Woocommerce in my hand is 30 minutes too but with Shopify, 4 hours to do nothing with no support.

I won’t come back to Shopify because I did not have any help during the first 24 hours after a demand.

Yes, that’s the customer of today.

Too many beautiful apps with a lot of companies with wonderful customer care, then I don’t know why I can afford me to wait 24 hours for support in the trial period.

We are speaking about money then you need to answer quick on money and quick is less than 24 hours in working days, it’s the basis of any e-commerce website.

For me, it’s the last test with Shopify . Bye.