manage Sendpulse

Using multi-channel marketing platform is becoming easy with SendPulse

Sendpulse is the best platform we used because it’s easy to implement, they have great support and can manage a small website as well as a big website.

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It will be a pleasure for us to have as an affiliate inside this superb SaaS tool.

When I am picking a technical partner, I need to check multiples boxes after a quick 15 minutes tour, no more

  1. The size of the company and the trend 

I am not excluding small startup, it’s not my goal, but i know as IT project manager that a (very) small team which stay a small team is not sustainable in mid and long-term and i want my partner to be there in 1 year, 2 years or 5 years then i am checking the number of employees the company has and will have. 

For Sendpulse’case i am searching that in Linkedin and I am not surprised that the company is a solid one 

Sendpulse inkedin profile pahge

I am quite suspicious with companies hiding than the name of the CEO or other key person needs to be real and this person needs to exist.

    2. Is it simple ?

I am a Tech guy, OK, but I love to be considered as a noob by apps and be able to understand what happened without reading tons of documentation.

Sendpulse is doing right at this level, all interface(s) are intuitive to start with, there is only the 360 automation degree platform which is now a little more complex and i was preferring when it was possible to directly start with a very simple suit of messages without setup nothing.

Before you were starting in 1 minute but they changed that and now you need to use directly the complete interface with 360-degree approach (the possibility to mix or not SMS, emailing, Viber, Web.Push). For me, it’s an error to not let the people pick the easy way or the complex way. Everybody goes to the “complex” way now.

But after a few tests, you will understand how it’s powerful to use SendPulse with 360 degrees and finally how it is simple. The Tech guy who i find also all the webhook you need for deeper integration.

    3. Is-it working ?

The tool works perfectly and just after you decide to launch your automation. The level of statistics is right for common use and they have natively the support of utm_ of google analytics. You won’t have to put this by hand and it’s a good gain of time with a right nomenclature easy to sort out inside google analytics.

     4. What they are doing differently?

They introduce a token for fidelity with the hope to turn that in cryptocurrency. I find the idea original and great. They have a great referral program also with 50 USD for the referer and the client you bring onboard. Then don’t hesitate to use my referral link:

     5. A great customer care

When you write to them, they answer you and they answer you fast and well. It’s so easy to see what is great customer care that we forget how it’s something rare in our(s) day(s). They care about you even if you are in a free period and it’s something that is a big advantage.

After it’s your job to produce interesting content for your(s) lead(s) or client(s) but the deliverability of the email is good – They improved a lot this point -, the look and feel with all the CSS and HTML problem inside mail’s client is good too then your message is displayed in a very professional manner.

It’s really tested and approved on our side then make a try..with up to 50 USD in rebate if you take some plans :

I did not have any agreement with Sendpulse more than this automatic referral link then I am not spreading a tool we did not test during now more than 1 year and half (i started in december 2017), i only write a little blog post about tools i will recommend to my client and use inside sales program to sale better and easier.

It’s also a tool which needs NO technical skill. The tool can be used by marketing guys without any knowledge of HTML, CSS, Python or Php. Their WYSWYG are enough smart to reach their goal.

If you have some difficulty to manage Sendpulse, just send me an email at , after using my referal link, i will be more than happy to help you to setup your first campaign.