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Lesson #1 – Understand the basics of trading is understanding how much you will lose.

After the 2 first article dedicated to the global sense of trading: ” is simple ” and the choice of your first “strange partner” (the broker), we will speak about losing. Indeed Trading is a matter of what you will lose. To stay in the game, you need to control this aspect. How much you…

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Lesson #3 – before to setup your trading plan, learn this magic formula about money management

I will repeat that each time I can but the base of your future success will be money management more than your ability to recognize a pattern, enter right or exit right. And a formula can help you a lot. This formula is quite simple. You will compute a “hope of gain”. If you make 10 trades,…

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How do you build a robot for a winning forex strategy like X112

Since 2010, i am programming robot for finance. For any pair of points, soybean, eur/usd or other HKDJPY (Hong Kong Dollars vs Japanese Yen). I scooped some awards in japan for some good strategies like ThirdBrainFx or Sphynx. What is the logic for building an expert advisor – the robot – and to be successful as a signal provider?…

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