ThirdBrain SA closed, temporary, its trading activities for customers

ThirdBrain Sa is mostly active in Asia : Japan first, Singapore, Honk-Kong etc..

During the outbreak of the pandemia in Asia, we received a lot of emails of people from this region asking us to stop trading on the risks linked to this pandemia.

We decided to do this at the end of january 2020.

Since February 2020, we are still honoring contracts with some b2b suppliers but we stopped to sell ours robots to customers directly because we think it’s not the time to trade against the systemic risk linked to the pandemia.

It’s a direct lack of revenue for us now – and not a small one but we need to take this position.

We stopped too our own capital running on our robot.

Robots continue to trade in non – live trading account with fake money to continue to produce datas for our system.

First, it’s not a service given to customers.

Indeed, while 80% of people are losing now in trading – private -, it will be 99% in those times because it will be harder and harder to find the right pattern when panic is at the command control.

Two, people needs cash and it’s not the good time to give your money to brokers which used to disapear every 3 months in the world in normal moment. (pick a swiss one, advice..)

Three, it’s ethically not the right path.

We strongly beleived and still beleive that a large part of the liquidity in the market usefull for all is due to short term trading then for the economy we know, speculation is not bad in normal moment.

Now, a systemich shock due to robots like we experimented in S&P somes years ago will be an hard blow to all people who are suffering really for the the Pandemia now and we don’t help them.

This message will be sent also to ours customers.

In this moment, money needs to go to people working in the hospitals, to family who are supporting the people suffering, to “real” industry which needs to continue to live.

We know that and we hope that we won’t be the only one taking this option.

By the way, even if we are the only one doing that, we will keep this measure during the Pandemia time.