Too big, too bad, it’s time to think outside the GAFA

We all know GoogleAmazonFacebook and Apple. They did a wonderfull job on tech transforming our every day life and connecting people like never before we tought it was possible.

Then a big hug for them and for their CEO as they were the pionneer of now, they make up dreaming and thinking to the future and they brought us some extraordinary tools used everyday by a lot of people and companies.

But sorry to tell you that you are the nightmare of tomorrow.

You are becoming a serious , business,  problem.

First, you built your empire without ethics. No single sense of what it is good or bad like a young baby do when it starts to grow. You were this babies but you are still babies at ethical level.

No philosophy, just the techies steam that i will do what all is possible to do…

You sold the privacy of billions of people without warning them and asking them if they agree.

You killed the business of companies exposing them to their direct concurrent in a giant market you are controlling and where you are NOT playing the same rules yourselves.

You think yourselves as a new state without any basic democratic baseground and basis.

The Libra project creating a new currency outside any public control is just a big warning for us, even if we are fan of crypto, that you are becoming the ORWELL big brother.

Yes, you are becoming too big to be good.

Liberal polices include the lack of monopolistic position as the core of the capitalism system, you are breaking them and you are changing the game in your unique profit.

You are concentring all the Research & Development of many countries in your yearly budget aspiring all what you can aspire. 

Chinese companies are doing perhaps worst than you are doing, i have no problem to think that, and they are the only one able to compete with you now.

Ok…but you must be the guide of a new ethic and , sorry to tell you that, you are not prepared for that because all the business you are doing is based on a lie.

It’s the lie of the gratuity.

The lie of the “no value” because what is free is always with no value you know perfectly it.

And behind you have plenty of people acting under ethic who are stuggling to educate people that a price is the core of the value and no system can work without a price. No matter if the price is the money, the service or the exchange you are making.

Without value, no market, no respect for people, no respect for the time spent and no future.

You are not only destroying others businesses, you are destroying a part of the humanity soul.