All the tools in 2019 to collect leads and manage the follow-up with marketing automation

Leadfeeder did again great with an awesome blog (1) where they rank at least 40 of the best tool to collect lead and manage the follow up behind. You have all the tools to test and use for some $$$ by month to do your marketer job. There is no need now to develop an in-house tool, you have all in SaaS mode, sometimes even free to start with.

For pure marketing automation tools, you can have a look to another blog post (2) of ventureharbour  and (3) NeilPatel blog which just forget to mention the very good Sendpulse.(following this link you will get 25 USD), 

Don’t forget that Marketing Automation will become the basic standard now. It means that the majority of e-marketer will use them at 1% of their capabilities doing exactly the same work than before: i mean sending massive emails without any customization of the email to the wishes of the customer or better, the behavior.

Why behavior matters more than wishes ?

 Concerning Digital Age we are living, wishes are difficult to get real because people are changing their minds easily. Too much temptation are creating too many wishes and these wishes are changing all the time.

The best is then to bet on the behavior thanks to the statistics of the client and try with webhook to use your marketing automation tools to fit this behavior.

Easy to say, harder to do no ?