women in finance

Yes, in matter of finance, women are better

Finance is still a men world. It’s true that some large financial corporations have women at top executive functions and there is quite a parity in big(s) bank(s) at all level but women often don’t access to the board.

It’s a pity because women are better than men when we speak about Finance.

A little example but I could multiply this example with other(s) sector(s)

A study indeed has shown that hedge funds managed by women have better performances than ones managed by men.

I don’t know why and I can’t explain why but it’s a real and very serious study done by the University of California (1) has shown this.

The index shows a 11.9 as a rating for the women against a poor 7.05 for men then it’s not a very thin difference, it’s a huge one. 

Some people may say it’s because of the statistics effects due to lowest number of hedge managed by women.

These mathematicians guys are not right because index was computed to include such number’s distortion.

In the UK, it’s 10% of hedge funds managed by women….very small number but better than US.

In the US, in the TOP 50 US hedge funds, only 2 have women are a top executive, then for the US the equation is still not right and they have perhaps behind this study a way to mechanically raise their performance hiring more women at top executive functions.

For the why i let you think about it but I have my own thought about it to have made several tests using female and male traders.

Female was performing better than Men because they were controlling better their emotions. 

Thousand of years trying to overcome their physical inferiority had certainly developed a much better way to handle emotions and manage them

(1) https://www.ft.com/content/8bffa2c4-99f3-11e7-a652-cde3f882dd7b