Focus on Lausanne portfolio : +12.99% in 3 months with a 10’000 USD live account

History of this account started with 10’000 USD live.

We have 3 months in a row positive.

July 2018: +0.65 %
August 2018: +4.83 %
September 2018 : + 7.09 %

Absolute gain : 1298.74 USD , a +12,99% from the start

Maximal Drawdown : 2.81%

Then we are a RaR (Return as Risk) of 12.99 / 2.81 = 4.61 which is great.

118 trades were placed with a success rate of 86% with an average profit of 24.97 USD for an average lose of 71.93 USD. 

The worst trade lost 71.93 USD which is a simple stop loss for us.

The best trade won a good 65.29 USD

The account uses an intra-days based strategy with an average length of trade of 24 hours.

We successfully built a sustainable and sure strategy.

If you are interested to use this strategy with us, you can download the expert advisor for Metatrader 4 going there :

If you want to check all the details about the performances, you can use a third-party verification tool as MyFxBook :