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Un robot peut-t-il avoir une conscience?

Un robot peut-t-il avoir une conscience ? qu’est ce que la conscience ? Déja en 2015, un article (1) de hitek.fr annonçait que le roboto NAO avait pris “conscience de lui même” . A y regarder de plus près nous sommes encore dans une réponse classique de programmation à un test conditionnel. La prise de…

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When the robot will feel emotions

AlphaGoZero (1) was the first Robot which could learn to play “Go” without historical data. In Fact, AlphaGoZero did not play from “scratch” but was playing against AlphaGo, against on another robot. Like the child who learns to play football by learning the codes and imitating the adult, the robot was learning by reinforcement: by the feedbacks of…

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TOP 5 Account for August 2018 – Results of Trading Live Account with ThirdBrainFx made robots

GENEVA, start capital: 10’000 USD Gain since inception : 752.27 USD  (+7,52%), August : +5.88% https://www.myfxbook.com/members/thirdbrainsa/geneva-lev-x112-gbpcad-1300439862/2628882​​​​​​​ LAUSANNE : Start capital : 10’000 USDGain since inception : 551,05 USD (+5.51%), August : +4,83% https://www.myfxbook.com/members/thirdbrainsa/lausanne-lev-britishjapanese-1300439822/2596374 ZURICH : Start capital : 10’000 USD Gain : 401.82 USD (+4.02%), August : +3.13% https://www.myfxbook.com/members/thirdbrainsa/zurich-lev-x113-usdchfcadjpy-1300439868/2635778​​​​​​​ MADRID : Start capital : 10’000 USD Gain : 401.95…

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