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September 2019 results for thirdbrainfx are good : +1.9%, +31% in one year

After severals years of research about Forex, we finally found stable results using some of our behaviors. Since july 2018, we are developing a new robot based on what we have seen during this year composing portfolio and producing robot for Forex. The goal is not to have a “skyrocket” trading account which crash after…

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TOP 5 Account for August 2018 – Results of Trading Live Account with ThirdBrainFx made robots

GENEVA, start capital: 10’000 USD Gain since inception : 752.27 USD  (+7,52%), August : +5.88% https://www.myfxbook.com/members/thirdbrainsa/geneva-lev-x112-gbpcad-1300439862/2628882​​​​​​​ LAUSANNE : Start capital : 10’000 USDGain since inception : 551,05 USD (+5.51%), August : +4,83% https://www.myfxbook.com/members/thirdbrainsa/lausanne-lev-britishjapanese-1300439822/2596374 ZURICH : Start capital : 10’000 USD Gain : 401.82 USD (+4.02%), August : +3.13% https://www.myfxbook.com/members/thirdbrainsa/zurich-lev-x113-usdchfcadjpy-1300439868/2635778​​​​​​​ MADRID : Start capital : 10’000 USD Gain : 401.95…

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October 2018 is our best month, live(s) account(s) are still making progress with high stability

The Lausanne portfolio This month of October 2018, we can see the 4th month in a row with positive result with X112 GBP-JPY portfolio with a live account of 10’000 USD start balance. It’s the Lausanne portfolio and you can check the result going here : https://www.myfxbook.com/members/thirdbrainsa/lausanne-lev-britishjapanese-1300439822/2596374 We earn 1’662.57 USD in 4 months starting with 10’000 USD and…

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